Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Put a ring on anything.

Next week, the full House of Representatives will vote on the articles of impeachment against Trump. Here is how their votes are shaping up so far.

The Supreme Court will hear three cases related to the release of Trump's financial records in March, which could delay a decision on enforcing the House subpoena until June.

The density of Ring cameras in US metro areas has handed Amazon a vast—and disturbingly, private—surveillance state.

NulledCast is a podcast where hackers compromise Ring and Nest cameras and talk to, and sometimes verbally abuse, their owners.

There is an epidemic of offensive comments by anonymous reviewers of scientific papers.

A disconcerting dive into online murder markets. (See more articles like this in our Editors' Longreads Picks.)

Using a specialized camera, two journalists revealed massive amounts of invisible methane escaping at Texas petroleum sites.

Satellite images over North Dakota show a higher-than-typical amount of unharvested corn among the fields of snow.

A project aims to convert 3.2 million acres in Montana to the days before white settlers arrived—bears, bison, wolves, and all.

As the climate crisis deepens, expect fascism to follow—a ball Trump already got rolling with his Puerto Rico rhetoric.

Millennials' religious interest is bottoming out, and the civic and political implications of that shouldn't be underestimated.

"What if the church started over entirely and used the savings to help repay the debts of its members?" How a church was reborn.

For the first time since the early 20th century, more Americans are dying at home—instead of the hospital—of natural causes.

Steps you can take to reduce your chances of dying on any given day.

To continue working, some elderly in Japan are using exoskeletons that augment muscle strength.

"You wouldn't need a backhoe...you could use a shovel." Water may be an inch below the surface of Mars—good news for astronauts.

An animated video short about a trip to space, with an exquisite, handcrafted feel by Jason Allen Lee.

Using DNA, scientists have calculated the lifespans of extinct animals, including a 268-year-old bowhead whale.

North Carolina's linguistics are the most diverse in the US, but that diversity is quickly disappearing.

"If he keeps this up, he’ll look about as craven as he thinks himself strong." The Southern Gothic guide to impeachment.

In a terrific photo essay, Jason Diamond travels more than 1,000 miles around Lake Michigan.

Delicate, figurative art inspired by paper cuts, by Kreh Mellick.