American employers added 253,000 jobs in April, exceeding forecasts. / The Economist

Bernie Sanders doesn't know the difference between equality and equity—and apparently neither does anybody else. / Vox

Unrelated: Adidas faces a $772 million if it can't sell its surplus of shoes designed by Ye. / Quartz

The diary of a Ukrainian filmmaker-turned-soldier. "They say it's good luck to kill someone in front of you." / New Lines

Interviews with people who live in Chicago's public transportation system. / Chicago Reader 

A study finds each successive generation of less-educated Americans reports more pain at any given age. / The New York Times

The world's oldest ultra-marathon runner is 81 and lives in a school bus. / The Walrus

California may require electric vehicles to be capable of powering homes—and the grid—through bidirectional charging. / Grist

"I stepped over the threshold only to be greeted by a man on a hoverboard holding a tray of sex toys." An oral history of BuzzFeed News. / BuzzFeed

Documenting how subscription services make it difficult to unsubscribe. / The Pudding

Profiles of collectors "doing their part to put artists from Asia and the Asian diaspora on the global art map." / Artsy

An Instagram meme account captures "the absurdity of Chinese diaspora life." / rest of world

As King Charles III takes the British throne amid scandal and protests, a new dish joins the small of coronation recipes: a spinach and broad bean quiche. / Slate, CNN, Gastro Obscura

Exactly how wealthy is Charles? Probably a billionaire, but it's likely even he doesn't know. / The Guardian