Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Right, I’ll do the washing up

The UN warns of food shortages and price increases from Russia's continued assault on Ukraine's grain exports. / Reuters

Alabama's new congressional map, now approved by the governor, flouts a court order requiring two majority-Black districts. / CNN

Country music's political chasm widens as a new, progressive sound takes hold in Nashville. / The New Yorker

See also: The history of the Tennessee lynching site where Jason Aldean filmed a music video. / The New York Times

From the attic: Mainstream country is dominated by bros singing about girls in cutoffs and drinking tequila. But some female artists are ready to exchange fire. / The Morning News

"I'm not aware of a similar period when all parts of the climate system were in record-breaking or abnormal territory." / BBC News

Tips for staying cool without air conditioning, along with what you should (and should not) do during extreme heat. / NPR, Vox

See also: Is it OK to exercise outdoors in this weather? Maybe tidy up the house instead. / The New York Times, NPR

Why did America stop building public pools? Racism. / CNN

Ahead of a new documentary, look backing at trailblazing 1960s and '70s record sleeve designers Hipgnosis. (Watch a trailer.) / The Guardian, YouTube

"From Austen to Ferrante, women's literature is ripe with dyads of women, made up of a beautiful half and a less beautiful half." An exploration of envy. / The Point

A biologist with creeping deafness mourns the loss of experiencing the seasonal changing of animal sounds. / The New York Times

Using a camera app, a photographer automatically sends images to DALL-E, where the shots are reworked into an alternate reality. / Quantum Mirror

Redditors sabotage an AI-generated gaming content farm with claims World of Warcraft was introducing something called "Glorbo." / Ars Technica

"It is easier than ever to build your own website, and you don't even need to know the basics required to rip someone else's code." The new web is the old web. / The Verge