A Nor'easter slams the United States' East Coast with extreme snow and wind. / The Washington Post

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The government commissioned 270,000 photographs to document the Great Depression. More than a third were deemed undesirable. / Public Domain Review

Amy Schneider says the best part of her streak Jeopardy was her transgender representation. / BuzzFeed News

Sesame Street is said to have achieved a level of directness in its pandemic coverage that can be hard to find in outlets geared toward adults. / The Atlantic

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Two strongly anticipated cookbooks are at the bottom of the ocean, casualties of a shipping container collapse. / Eater

An investigation into the origins of seven-layer dip. / Snack Stack

Some experts say the cost of an espresso in Italy could rise to €1.50 this year, with climate change playing a significant role. / Sprudge

Janet Jones: Few people comprehend the mutual cross-species interaction that is required to accomplish horse-and-human accomplishments. / Aeon 

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