Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Say leaves

Over the last five years, the top 100 law firms in the United States represented fossil fuel clients in 358 legal cases and transactions worth $1.36 trillion. / The Guardian

China is ratcheting up military pressure on Taiwan. / The Economist

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's forces intensify airstrikes against the Tigray Liberation Front. / Reuters

The United Nations warns of "unprecedented" malnutrition among pregnant and lactating women in the Tigray region. Members of Ethiopia's Qemant minority ethnic group say they're being wiped out. / Al Jazeera

Your weekly white paper: "​​Five Things US Policymakers Must Understand About China-Africa Relations." / Center for American Progress

What it's like to work with Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov, the editors who just shared the Nobel Peace Prize. / BBC News

A new study finds a growing number of people without a bachelor's degree are now out-earning those with one. / NPR

Did you know that in 1992, thousands of New York City cops rioted outside their own City Hall, shouting racist chants? / New York Magazine

Victor Luckerson weighs Big Tech's promise to Black America. / WIRED

Have you ever wondered why Bitcoin believers seem to shoot lasers out of their eyes? Seriously, lasers out of their eyes? / Wealthsimple Magazine

Anti-vaccine chiropractors are becoming "a rising force of misinformation." / The Associated Press

What has it meant to be a dancer who can't perform, not because of an injury, but because of lockdown? / The New York Times

See also: What it's like to follow peak foliage season in your car through the Mountain West by accident. / Meditations in an Emergency

A poem for your weekend: "On a Saturday," by Harvey Shapiro. / The Paris Review

Arianne Shahvisi: Growing up in England, "Iran was our Hogwarts, Heathrow Terminal 3 our platform 9¾." / The Guadian