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Saturday Headlines: Shall we play a game?

A Virginia Beach city employee shot and killed 12 at a municipal center. It's the deadliest US attack since the November 2018 shooting in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Federal prosecutors have disregarded a judge's order to make public transcripts of conversations between Michael Flynn and Russia's US ambassador in December 2016.

For the first time, AI has mastered teamwork—using, naturally, a simplified version of "Quake III Arena."

It's been a month since Facebook said it would ban white nationalists, yet many still operate and recruit on the platform.

On the fears over digital fakery: "To focus on Facebook instead of Fox News is to mistake the symptom for the disease."

Artist Guo O Dong's “The Persistence of Chaos,” a laptop packed with six viruses that caused an estimated $95 billion in economic damage, sells at auction.

Despite FCC claims, the increase in broadband access is a continuing trend, rather than a result of killing net neutrality.

How Americans really die: actual causes of death versus Googled causes of death versus media coverage of causes of death.

One way toward a Universal Basic Income that gets around US political gridlock is to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit.

When the rich act unkind or unethical, is it because that made them successful, or because wealth convinced them they're superior?

California passed a bill that may alter the gig economy by making it harder to classify workers as independent contractors.

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Psychedelic rock pioneer Roky Erickson, singer and guitarist from the 13th Floor Elevators, has died at 71.

Listen: The 13th Floor Elevators, "Slip Inside This House."

“George Greer, one of the psychiatrists who used MDMA with therapy before it became illegal told us, ‘There’s nothing you can do with MDMA that you can’t do without MDMA. You just might not get to it in this lifetime.’” Therapists are experimenting with MDMA to facilitate more productive sessions with patients suffering from PTSD.

James Bond has been a useful recruiter for MI6—but those who want to be him get "weeded out very early, as they are psychopaths."

Nazi medical illustrations surpass all others in detail, presenting an ethical quandary when surgeons choose to reference them.

Music label revenue is booming—and projected to explode. As streaming further bolsters those profits, artists receive few rewards.

“As geologists, we’re used to looking backwards. [The Anthropocene] appears significant but it would be far easier if we were 200 to 300, possibly 2,000 to 3,000, years in the future and then we could look back and say: yes, that was the right thing to do.” On the origins of the anthropocene as our current geological epoch, and the theory’s many supporters and detractors. (Read more articles like this in our Editors' Longreads Picks.)

Inventive, real-world designs—some commercial, some self-fashioned—for wearable artists' palettes.

An interactive map of US cities' most Wikipedia'ed residents.