Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Shall we play a game?

Russia says it "will not accept" the G7's $60-a-barrel price cap on its oil exports. / Reuters

Internal documents show the US Army planned to sponsor Call of Duty streamers to attract Gen Z recruits. / Motherboard

"It is easy to see Metallica as an instigating force—an accelerant, turning unruly hooligans more unruly. But that idea alone can't sustain a devoted following for decades." / The New Yorker

See also: How social media and uncertainty are fueling the current satanic panic. / Dazed

Your weekly white paper: The incidence of organ donation and transplants is higher during major US motorcycle rallies. / JAMA Network

"The surprise is not that the message made it across in some form, but that it made it across unscrambled." Physicists have simulated a wormhole in a "toy universe." / Nature

Pages from the 1987 Radio Shack catalog, as imagined by AI. / @ftrain@tilde.zone

A review of the sex scenes in Netflix's Lady Chatterley's Lover—and how they compare to the book. / Slate

Hand-drawn sketches at a retirement home come to life in a short film by Silvain Monney and Samuel Patthey. / Vimeo

"I sent a freedom of information request to the London fire brigade." When you learn the house you just bought has a horrific past. / The Guardian

Hundreds of cassette tapes purchased in Syria chronicle the region's many musical styles from the 1970s to 2000s. / Syrian Cassette Archives

A playlist of the Christine McVie deep cuts that show the wonderful range and evolution of her songwriting. / Read Max

Watch: Grinding various items into nothing. / YouTube