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Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Should we have pandas

The White House is sending private warnings to Moscow against using a nuclear weapon in Ukraine. / The Washington Post

In 2020 and 2021, 109 soldiers assigned to Fort Bragg lost their lives, almost entirely stateside. Eleven soldiers were murdered or charged with murder. / Rolling Stone

Thousands of oral histories from Indigenous people are being digitized, with control of the recordings and transcripts returned back to tribes. / Pew

The US installs record solar capacity as prices keep falling. "It's often cheaper to build and run solar than to buy gas for an existing plant." / Ars Technica

Notes from the race to save animals and cultures in the melting arctic, also the race to save animal sounds. / NRDC, Canadian Geographic

MIT researchers invent cooling technology that doesn't require electricity. / BGR

Unrelated/related: Repair is when you fix something broken. "Maintenance is about making something last." / Noema

In light of Hilary Mantel's recent death, her essay on royal bodies. "Our current royal family doesn't have the difficulties in breeding that pandas do." / The London Review of Books

Belly dancing was once dominated by Egyptian household names, but now most dancers are foreigners. / New Lines Magazine

See also: Mexican beers make up 80% of all beer imported to the United States. / Sightlines 

One of Saturn's moons is found to have all six of the essential elements for life. / NewScientist

SpaceX enthusiasts flock to Texas to exult in Elon Musk fervor. / The Verge

Max Read on whether to continue to fear Facebook: "It's hard to bet against inertia and incumbency." / Read Max