Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Shrieking about architecture.

This week in Congress, petroleum companies denied ever downplaying fossil fuels' role in climate change. Six decades of corporate documents show otherwise. / The Conversation

See also: "In a three-degrees-warmer world, the coastlines of today will largely be gone, endlessly reduced over the coming centuries by rising seas." / BuzzFeed News

How scientists were able to connect an aromatherapy room spray sold at Walmart to a bacteria that left two people dead. / Ars Technica

A billionaire non-architect has designed a college dorm that would fit residents into claustrophobic rooms with fake windows. / Santa Barbara Independent

Counterpoint: "Yes, build the windowless, bathroomless dorm in my backyard." / Curbed

It's time to embrace forever-renting, rather than portraying it as a sign of not having made it as a financially stable adult. / Refinery29

Werewolves, as beasts of war, pop up with frequency in Norse folklore. Not until the end of the Vikings did the characters turn tragic. / Atlas Obscura

Witchcraft enthusiasts lament the commercialization of Salem, where you can buy a wand made of ash and copper for $300. / Boston Magazine

"People familiar with the pizza ordering process say you should never take what the pizza guy promises seriously." / The AP (Alex Pareene) Newsletter

As competitive bridge moved online during the pandemic, cheating at the elite levels of the game has "absolutely exploded." / The New York Times

An eerie and beautiful animated short of humans' mechanical, automated world—only humans are suspiciously missing—by Geoffroy de Crécy. / The Awesomer

Impressionistic portraits, painted by Sung Jik Yang. / Booooooom

"Everything I'd just been told made complete sense―and it made no sense at all." An encounter with a medium leaves a writer unsure of what's real. / HuffPost

See also: A TikTok star—who is also a skeptic—goes to work with her mom, a professional ghost hunter. / Texas Monthly

"I first wrote this essay in Romanian, after years of trying to fit my reality imperfectly into English." On trying to reconnect with your mother tongue. / The Rumpus

Forty years ago, mayhem ensued after Lorne Michaels and John Belushi invited punks to appear as audience members for Fear's SNL performance. / Boing Boing

Terror knows no bounds: Boston Dynamics' Spot robot dancing like Mick Jagger. / The Verge

The real-world graves of fictional characters. / Den of Geek