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Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Sight for sore thighs

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Susan B. Glasser summarizes what we've learned so far about Trump, Pence, and the January 6th mob. / The New Yorker

A round-up of what happened in the Russia-Ukraine war this week. / The Guardian

A breakdown of the sophisticated cannons and ammunition that Ukraine is receiving from well-wishers. / The Economist

Dramatic photos and video show the full force of Yellowstone's floods. / The Washington Post

More than 160,000 people are dealing with a water outage in West Texas. / BBC News

Unrelated: A profile of the family business known as "Texas Thighs." Also, San Antonio loses its symphony. / NBC News, Violinist

Texas's Juneteenth freedom celebration resumes at Lake Mexia, where locals hope for a rebirth. / Texas Monthly

Now that Junteenth is a federal holiday, are reparations more likely? Notes on progress made in California. / TIME

Los Angeles is losing its hallmark Black bookstore. / The Los Angeles Times

A deeply reported story about white parents in Georgia hounding a Black educator from one job to the next. / ProPublica

An article for lay people on the plight of chemists trying to quit the world of its addiction to palladium. / Nature

"If I wanted to build a Terminator, I'd prototype it using web technologies." Paul Ford critiques the fatal flaws of the internet's code. / WIRED

Google and Apple have been moving into cars for nearly a decade. Antitrust advocates are getting more and more worried. / Recode

A round-up of great stories from the past decade. Also, a round-up of great books you might have missed because they were published in early 2020. / Pocket, The Atlantic