Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Smell like Mike.

"This greatly encourages us and gives us hope." Brief interviews with members of the global climate strike movement.

France’s Macron promises reforms to the yellow vest movement, but many see Macron as the problem.

Since 1989, 2,425 wrongfully convicted people in the US have been exonerated.

The Kansas Supreme Court rules that the right to an abortion is enshrined in the state’s Constitution.

When fighting a parking ticket involves nine trips to court, two city hearings, and a one-on-one with a City Councilman.

Due to an uptick in sightings, the Navy establishes official protocol for pilots to report UFOs.

Worth remembering: the US is among the top five most dangerous countries for journalists.

Truman Capote may have invented the term “nonfiction novel,” but John Hersey invented the thing itself.

Examples of Soviet modernist architecture constructed in Central Asia.

See also: The Trumpian urbanism of Atlantic City.

"When you live on the mainland, you don’t get any elation from going and buying a cucumber." Life on a small island.

Each time you swallow some seawater at the beach, you’re drinking about as many viruses as there are people in North America.

People living at least 2,000 years ago crafted massive human sculptures with magnetized foreheads and cheeks.

Drones of the future may look more like birds and bugs, thanks to one man's family's toy factory.

How to find the ideal partner? Look for a "sauce man" of any gender.

What it's like to wear Michael Jordan's signature cologne 20 years later.

A conversation with the author of a new book on “data-parenting”—how to make decisions informed by economic thinking.

And in case this is part of your weekend plans: Avengers characters rendered in Ukiyo-e style.