Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Snurf’s up.

Dozens of Texans died during this week's winter storm, but the true death toll won't be known for weeks or months. / The Texas Tribune

Last year, Texas utility regulators cut ties with a group that had been hired to monitor and enforce reliability standards—including weatherization guidelines. / Houston Chronicle

Pfizer and BioNTech announce new findings that show their Covid vaccine can be stored at standard freezing temperatures. / Popular Science

How vaccine makers use evolutionary biology to target Covid variants. / STAT

Covid cases may be declining, but variants are on the upswing—the measures we take now could prevent a dismal spring. / The New York Times

Naomi Osaka wins the Australian Open, becoming the first woman in 30 years to win her first four Grand Slams. / ESPN

See also: "I wouldn't read too much into a post-match wave or despondent answers to the news media." Don't count out Serena Williams. / The New York Times

Watch: How snurfing became snowboarding. / Outside 

Biden is planning to throw out the Trump administration's citizenship test, which seemed intentionally more complex and difficult than the previous exam. / BuzzFeed News

Related: Test your knowledge with some questions from the Trump-era citizenship test. / The New York Times

"We essentially had no magnetic field at all—our cosmic radiation shield was totally gone." Around 42,000 years ago, Earth's poles switched for about 800 years, then switched back. / CNN

The most insidious online misinformation weaponizes our critical thinking skills. Sometimes it's best not to overthink a story, and instead know when it's time to move on. / The New York Times

The dazzling decorative motifs of a 12th-century Islamic bathhouse have been discovered behind the walls and ceilings of a popular Seville tapas bar. / The Guardian

Using CT scans, forensic scientists now know how Pharaoh Seqenenre Taa II was murdered in the 16th century BCE: with his hands tied behind his back, likely after being captured. / The Scientist

Former Blackwater head Erik Prince violated a UN arms embargo by sending weapons to Libya in 2019. / The New York Times

Andy Baio announces Skittish, a fascinating new platform for virtual events. / The Verge

"I'm a short afternoon walk and you're putting way too much pressure on me." / McSweeney's

The Twitter you need right now: @OnlyFlans. / Twitter

New music of the moment: "Vendetta" by Iceage. / YouTube