Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Somebody’s watching me

Federal prosecutors seek measures to bar Trump from disclosing evidence, citing his social media posts that could result in witness tampering. / NBC News

A Texas judge issues an injunction allowing women with complicated pregnancies to receive abortions, and shielding doctors who provide care from prosecution. / The Texas Tribune

In a reversal from yesterday's news, Florida reverses course and directs schools to teach AP psychology "in its entirety." / ABC News

By requiring adult websites and social media to verify users' ages, state-based anti-pornography laws could have a chilling effect on everyone's online anonymity. / Platformer

See also: The vacation rental industry is becoming a surveillance state—with all the technology and paranoia that comes with that—according to a survey. / Vivint

In tracing the DNA at a small ironworking village in Maryland, researchers develop a new method to uncover Black Americans' ancestry, which is often lost to centuries of slavery. / NPR

More in people not knowing how to exist in public: Barbenheimer is bringing bad behavior—including public drunkenness and nudity—out in the open. / The Washington Post

"I continue to learn how to sing by listening to her records. She's that great." Shirley Manson on Sinéad O'Connor. / Talkhouse

An investigation into the mysterious service that's been archiving web pages for more than a decade, but that isn't the Internet Archive. / Gyrovague

Pitmasters at Texas barbecue joints are struggling to deal with record-breaking heat—in some cases, the pit room can top 120 degrees. / Texas Monthly

"Artists from both sides of the border are breaking through by combining the unabashed stunting of mainstream hip-hop and reggaeton with the rugged, sentimental sounds of traditional Mexican music." / Pitchfork

A personal taxonomy of science fiction, science fantasy, and everything in between. / War Fantasy