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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Stop and look around.

A Venezuelan migrant says he was paid $200 to recruit people in San Antonio to go to Florida, where they were then flown to Martha's Vineyard. / San Antonio Report

Abbott and DeSantis's transporting of migrants echos the 1962 Reverse Freedom Rides concocted by white southern segregationists. / The Houston Chronicle

See also: "Immigrants keep getting lied to by human smugglers on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and TikTok." / BuzzFeed News

PFLAG wins an injunction against Texas's child welfare agency, blocking investigations of families providing gender-affirming care to trans children. / The Texas Tribune

Portraits of journalists killed and disappeared in Russia's war against Ukraine, illustrated by Gianluca Costantini.  / ChannelDraw

An investigation into the influential NGOs who waged war on Covid; often, their efforts encountered little oversight and fell short of their goals. / POLITICO

The Phantom of the Opera—the longest-running show in Broadway history—will close in 2023 following its 35th anniversary. / Playbill

"Terrible people on the internet aren't going anywhere." On the brief relief following Kiwi Farms being effectively shut down. / MSNBC

A retrospective of Lee Seung Jio's lovely, hazy pattern paintings. / Hyperallergic

"You let yourself make reckless choices that ran counter to your intuitions in every imaginable way." The enduring allure of Choose Your Own Adventure books. / The New Yorker

Researchers rank the best methods for soothing a crying baby, using research from observing other mammals. / The Guardian

A very beautiful, interactive bird migration map that details the journeys of more than 450 species. / Audubon

"The parade is supposed to begin at 2 p.m., so we scan the street for a suitable float to crash." Recreating Ferris Bueller's Day Off. / The Washington Post

The views from Waffle House booths, photographed by Micah Cash. / Atlas Obscura

Watch: The views from very fast-moving trains in Portugal. / Vimeo

Build a song by interacting with objects in a virtual, 8-bit room. / Lo-Fi Player