Headlines edition

Saturday Headlines: “Style a style and style cyan’t spoil.”

New aerial photos of North Korea show its network of prisons and labor camps, which Pyongyang says don't exist.

The China Post commissions five commemorative stamps to celebrate the country's most important technologies. Completely unrelated: ongoing revelations around who commissioned the Trump dossier.

American television is used to excuse China's vast sexual assault problem, where one in five men admit to rape.

Here’s a round-up of the growing number of big, important men accused by many of sexual harassment. And here are some tweets that explain how sexual harassment and assault occur in Congress.

“Some people say the devil is beating / his wife. Some people say the devil / is pawing his wife. Some people say / the devil is doubling down on an overall / attitude of entitlement toward / the body of his wife.” A poem for this period of sexual harassment news, from the latest Poetry magazine: “Sunshower,” by Natalie Shapero.

In opposition, the Democrats are showing resolve—like Republicans. But when will they show the vision for 2020?

As the New York Observer publisher, Jared Kushner ordered hit jobs, revoked raises, didn't read his own paper (or anything).

A Canadian reality show sends politicians on dates—with each other—to see if they can find common ground.

A 102-year-old baseball fan, who watched Babe Ruth play, attends his first World Series game since 1926.

“There’s always room for self-expression.” A day in the life of a bunch of nuns who make ecclesiastical garments.

An award-winning cartoonist responds—with art—to losing his home in the Northern California fires.

Mark Zuckerberg's foundation offers grants to Bay Area communities gentrified by Facebook.

A new art show, "Moods of California," tries to prove the state has different seasons.

Some Oregon farmers were losing a quarter of their crop to avians like the American robin and European starling, so they set up an automated laser system that can frighten birdy bandits without harming them.

A study finds that the United Kingdom's love for bird feeders is giving great tits longer beaks.

Puerto Rico’s power system was a mess before Maria. Now it’s barely clinging to life.

Video: A Danish art group stuck five musicians underwater and told them to bring their instruments.

A brief take on the cultural history of Dancehall in Jamaica.

“Where dance music is generally about abandon, Burial’s music is about abandonment.” Why South London’s anonymous artist is electronic music’s best interpreter for the 21st century.

We don't often link up recipes, but when we do: a great story behind Wesley Avila’s sweet potato taco.

Happy Halloween—it's almost Christmas! And here's another reminder: give cash this year, not presents.

Here are the best examples of horror cinema that nobody knows about.