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Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Such a Brett.

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation gets delayed by a week so the FBI can investigate sexual assault allegations. Meaning Trump has to eat his words.

Among the voices that pressed pause on Kavanaugh was his alma mater, Yale Law School.

A striking chart shows every time Ford and Kavanaugh dodged a question. Ford: not once. Kavanaugh: Many times.

Calls to the National Sexual Assault Hotline increased by 201% during Dr. Ford’s testimony.

A psychological trauma expert says incomplete memories are normal for sexual assault victims, same for cops and soldiers.

"Our next year, like this one, will be the Year of the Man." What this week confirmed: America sings the gospel of male success.

Another way of putting that: Kavanaugh is such a Brett. And so are many of our politicians.

If American high schools didn't have male contact sports, they'd save between $5.1 and $18.4 billion per year.

The future calls for revitalized liberal arts education, not just the preparation of workers to make “creative content.”

A medical student investigates what physicians can learn from poetry.

The suicide rate for young veterans jumped to 45 deaths per 100,000 population in 2016.

Ethiopia aims to eradicate child marriage. The practice has dropped by a third there in the past decade.

Evidence surfaces of Robert Mueller investigating a laptop at an Apple store.

Cops bust a group of 17 people alleged to be responsible for a series of Apple store robberies.

Facebook suffered a hack that affects at least 50 million users, possibly as many as 90 million.

An “accountability bot” tracks edits to Wikipedia made from IP addresses assigned to the US Capitol.

The White House admits it anticipates catastrophic global warming by 2100—and that’s why it’s freezing federal fuel efficiency standards.

In our era of internet advertising, the billboard industry is having a heyday, thanks in part to digital technology.

The Swiss inventor of the scooter-for-adults is happy about electric scooters, even if he doesn’t get credit.

“Invest in Dire Straits.” A former manager offers his share of royalties—about $300,000 a year—as an investment opportunity.

A James Beard Award-winning essay by Mayukh Sen explores the unnoticed disappearance of a soul food sensation.

Photographs document the ’80s and ’90s Latina youth scene in Southern California.

"Let's Read Old Magazines" explores the articles, ads, and cultural oddities of past years.

A visual history of Sun Ra’s Afrofuturistic album covers.

Stunning photographs depict the wild colors of a Chilean lithium mine.