Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: T is for TINA who’s texting her mom.

With Sens. Collins and Manchin saying they'll vote "yes," the Senate is expected to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court today.

Kavanaugh...will be the first justice nominated by someone who lost the popular vote to earn his seat on the bench with support from senators representing less than half of the country while having his nomination opposed by a majority of the country.

The American Bar Association reopens its evaluation of Kavanaugh, citing "new information of a material nature regarding temperament."

The odds of Kavanaugh's impeachment are the same as Democrats winning the House.

It is 2018, and either you know what feminism is or you don’t. Either you know women deserve to be treated with equality and equity, to be seen as human, or you don’t. Roxane Gay: Why the #MeToo movement still has a lot left to do.

One year after the Times published its Weinstein investigation, a day-by-day timeline of our reckoning.

It was that forgery of text messages, not the foolish pass of an old man, which leaves me scared to this day of his possible retribution in the future. Fools make mistakes; but abusers lash out. What to expect will happen when a woman accuses a man in power.

A network of Latina women have secretly turned their homes into shelters for abused immigrant women.

Degas, a deep misogynist, dedicated about 1,500 works to ballet. What's not seen is sex work and women's misery.

This is a good sign: An eight-year-old girl pulls an ancient sword from a lake in Sweden.

J is for JULIE who's too young to vote. A searing commentary on school shootings, The Ghasltygun Tinies, a Mad magazine rework of Edward Gorey's The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

A Banksy painting sold at auction for $1.1 million, then moments later unexpectedly destroyed itself using a shredder hidden in its frame.

When power goes out in Beirut (which is often) generators kick in—and pollution spikes to five times Delhi levels.

The DEA chief in South America, brought in after a sex party scandal, is being investigated for hiring prostitutes.

A shootout between Michigan pot activists and the FBI would have been huge news, but it happened in September 2001.

If he’d liquidated, paid capital gains tax on his entire fortune and created a blind trust to invest it all in the booming stock market, Trump would be $500 million richer than he is today—without the headaches. As president, Trump can enrich himself in ways unavailable to other businessmen. He’s mostly failing at it.

Every Trump administration "response" to proof Trump is a crook.

Modern China has evolved "from an era when politics was paramount to an era when only money counts."

To grasp how our moon might have come from the Earth, you need to know something about "rock vapor."

Chasing the Blues, a new film from TMN alum and Rooster guru Kevin Guilfoile, is now showing at a theater near you.

Laurie Metcalf and John Lithgow will star in a Broadway play about the Clintons.

Panics are real and no one knows how or why they will end. The financial crisis of 2008 broke a lot of brains.

Video: Foraging for mushrooms in Yunnan, a province in southwest China, where 38% of all wild mushroom species grow.

Floral arrangements for funerals in Japan are a huge, booming, beautiful business.

The year in architectural photography.