Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: That knowing feeling.

Starting Tuesday, Biden will restrict travel from India, as the country deals with a second wave of Covid infections. / NBC News

"Knowing something is safe and feeling safe are very different things." On post-vax anxiety. / The Atlantic

Advertised as a way to keep your vaccination details handy, fake vaccination cards are available on Etsy—no questions asked. / VICE

"We'd prepare the same way you do for a camping trip." It's been quite a year. The case for a national one-week vacation. / The New York Times

Our summer books and reading schedule are now set for Camp ToB 2021. / The Morning News

Biden has canceled the border wall projects that Trump funded with money diverted from the Defense Dept. / The Washington Post

An analysis of the past 40 years shows medical schools are admitting fewer Black men and Native Americans. / STAT

Desegregation efforts at New York's top high schools remain ineffectual—just eight Black students were admitted to Stuyvesant High School. / The New York Times

The Texas freeze resulted in the country's "biggest epidemic of CO poisoning in recent history," due in part to a lack of laws requiring CO alarms. / NBC News

"Critics like to speak of biographies as 'definitive,' but in reality there's no such thing." What we lose when only men write about men. / The New York Times

The National Network to End Domestic Violence voices concerns that Apple's new AirTag location trackers could be used by abusers. / Fast Company

Tattoos made with a biodegradable ink advertised as vanishing after a year won't disappear completely, some warn, but will instead just fade. / South China Morning Post

Visualizing the outlines of melting glaciers. / The Guardian

"Mouse numbers in northern NSW and southern Queensland have risen to plague proportions." / The Conversation

How personal ads in newspapers played a vital role in white people populating the American West. / Atlas Obscura

Photos of 732 empty mini-castles at an abandoned real estate development near the Black Sea. / Architectural Digest

Commence nausea with these videos of people working on buildings at very high altitudes. / Open Culture

Researchers are inviting thousands to a rave in Liverpool in order to test Covid spread at large-scale events. / BloombergQuint