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Saturday headlines: That’s the point.

Election, elections, elections: Europe goes to the polls, Modi wins in India, Britain enters chaos post-May, and South Africa’s results reflect widespread disillusion.

Nevada may become the 15th state seeking to break from the Electoral College in favor of a popular vote.

“If POTUS stopped negotiating legislation, would anyone even notice?” Why Trump is a weak president in danger of a failed one-term presidency.

ICE routinely puts immigrant detainees in solitary confinement. There are many reasons to find that disturbing.

The median estimate is that we may see two hundred million climate refugees by 2050. The high estimate is a billion.

San Franciscans lament the latest viral eulogy for their city while acknowledging that it's pretty much exactly right.

If you’re tired of reading eulogies about San Francisco, try this: “In a Constantly Changing San Francisco, Change is Constant.”

The latest woo-woo in Southern California? Celery juice, promoted by a "medical medium," causing celery prices to spike.

In case you missed it: The time TMN’s Rosecrans Baldwin accidentally wound up in a cult for a week.

Sherlock Holmes views people as "objects to be studied, predicted and managed." To be less racist in your life, be less like Holmes.

In pictures: Oakland's queer skate scene.

Perhaps “the most iconic modern Everest photo since 2012” finds roughly 320 people trying to summit at the same time on Thursday.

Women perform better at warmer temperatures, men at cooler. Who's in charge of your office's thermostat?

"It took me five days to get through the first two pages." From a collection of one-star reviews of Mrs. Dalloway.

See also: Excerpts from actual one-star Amazon.com reviews of books from Time’s list of the 100 best novels from 1923 to the present.

A grim but good conversation with the great David Milch, creator of Deadwood, who’s now in the middle stage of Alzheimer’s.

Watch: A video from a man putting a camera on a sushi conveyor belt. “Every table has a little story!”