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Saturday headlines: The age of reopening anxiety

As the vaccination rollout continues, many people have embraced group activities, while many others are entering a new phase of anxiety. / The New Yorker

Related/unrelated: “‘I took part in the psilocybin trial and it changed my life.” / The Independent

The Army Corps of Engineers recommends a 20-foot, six-mile seawall to save Miami from the climate crisis. / Yahoo! News

Big cities like L.A. can be remade incrementally and almost invisibly—by building density in "an abundance of wasted space." / Curbed

United Airlines invests in resurrecting supersonic travel, but with nothing to prove its claim of achieving net-zero carbon emissions. / The Verge

A botnet scheme has been trained to artificially inflate the value of climate news. / Synthetic Messenger

Emails show that UNC’s largest journalism-school donor warned against Nikole Hannah-Jones’s hiring. / The Assembly

In 1981, three Black teenagers drowned while in law enforcement custody during a Juneteenth gathering at Texas’s Lake Mexia. / Texas Monthly

From 2014, a computer historian shows how to (slowly, painstakingly) mine Bitcoin by hand. / Ken Shiriff's blog

Related: “It's clear I'm not going to make my fortune off mining, and I haven't even included the cost of all the paper and pencils I'll need.” / Reddit

Mysteries and investigations linger around the Quadriga fraud and death of CEO Gerald Cotten. / CBC News

A counterpoint to the "brain-centric view of sleep" suggests that sleep evolved for metabolic reasons, way before brains existed. / Quanta

In case you missed it this week: some social media uproar over a Texas beekeeper. / Links I Would Gchat With You if We Were Friends

Pamela Petro explains how she became a cooking archivist during the pandemic. / Guernica

Edgar Allen Poe's bestselling book during his lifetime was a textbook about shells, subtitled "A System of Testaceous Malacology." / Atlas Obscura

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