Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: The best heist since ice.

“This is a very weak president in danger of complete failed presidency.” Mister Trump had yet another terrible week.

In case you missed it: Mattis, Mnuchin, and Tillerson have a "suicide pact" in place in case Trump tries to remove one of them.

Here are all the Obama-era environmental rules Trump has reversed so far—or is trying to—and some that courts have reinstated.

Leaked emails from Breitbart and the alt-right show that they've been masquerading white nationalism as free speech.

“When the doctor returned, he sat on a stool and let out a breath. ‘There are problems.’ ‘Bad?’ my wife asked. His mouth broke at the edges. He’s a friend, he’s known us a long time. ‘Bad,’ his voice cracked.” The story of a 20-week abortion. Contact your senator.

In an uneasy father-daughter relationship, eating at Friendly's was the one sure thing.

A "maladaptive daydreamer" finds others who—like her—enter into vivid fantasies, losing reality for hours on end.

A short documentary on Thailand’s bird-singing competitions.

An eye-popping database of the hippie-era underground UK press.

Facebook makes billions with content you generate. A new social network, Steemit, gives you a share of the returns.

“Really I would not have predicted in 1994 how much of 2017′s financial news would involve the Wu-Tang Clan.” Ghostface Killah is launching a cryptocurrency called Cream Cash.

The "David Bowie is" touring exhibition comes to the Brooklyn Museum in March 2018.

In case you can't make it to the new Blade Runner, here's three days' worth of ambient sound from the original.

Like capturing thunder as lightning: Superfast "photonic" chip passes big test by storing sound as light.

In the existential theater of Ian Davis’s paintings, tiny, identical people participate in elaborate scenarios.