Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: The bourgeoisie are back in town.

Three million people worldwide have now died of Covid-19. / Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Current vaccination rates show states that had larger shares of Trump voters in 2020 are likely to have more vaccine-hesitant adults. / The New York Times

"Man accidentally gets one Moderna and one Pfizer COVID vaccine." (He's going to be fine.) / The New York Post

New Yorkers bemoan the return of the rich, the privileged, basically anybody who had the means to flee the coronavirus. / The New York Times

Before and after photos of people's post-lockdown haircuts. / VICE

A lifetime member of the Oath Keepers becomes the first Capitol rioter to plead guilty, and will cooperate with investigators. / POLITICO

A man who was shooting at people at San Antonio International Airport died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to the medical examiner. / CBS Austin

America's gun violence problem, explained in maps and charts. / Vox

Raul Castro, who turns 90 in June, says he's stepping down as the head of Cuba's Communist Party. / NBC News

China's economy grew 18.3% in the first quarter. "We do not expect China's policymakers to rush into any meaningful tightening." / CNBC

Tyler Cowen: Stop tying green jobs to green energy. We desperately need the latter; the former's just getting in the way. / Bloomberg

Adults in France can no longer claim consent if they've had sex with—i.e., raped—a minor younger than 15 years old. / The Guardian

Who are the conservative filmmakers in Hollywood? In light of the GOP's intellectual death spiral, how about Aaron Sorkin? / The New York Times

Archaeologists hail the recent unearthing of what's believed to be the largest ancient city discovered in Egypt. / The Guardian

Coral-inspired ceramic sculptures by Marguerita Hagan. / Colossal

Rooster fans, it's time to vote on which books you want to read at Camp ToB 2021. (And also volunteer to join us in the discussion booth!) / The Morning News

Headline of the week? "A woman called Animal Control on a croissant." / The Cut