Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: The buck stops there.

The Justice Dept. has learned one of its lawyers devised a plan with Trump to replace the attorney general with a loyalist who would force Georgia to overturn its presidential election results. / The New York Times

"Healing and unity will only come if there is truth and accountability." Schumer announces the Senate impeachment trial of former President Trump will begin the week of Feb. 8. / Axios

A website has published every face detected in the 827 Capitol insurrection videos. / WIRED

Nearly one in five of the defendants charged in the Capitol insurrection are current or former members of the US military. / NPR

Facebook "indefinitely" banned Trump, but has now sent the decision on whether to reinstate his account to its new oversight board. / Columbia Journalism Review

"I don't think there's any need anymore for me to do this." Trump's Twitter reply guys face life after their favorite tweeter. / OneZero

Despite Gov. Newsom’s promise of transparency, California health officials refuse to release virus data, claiming that doing so may confuse and mislead the public. / Associated Press

"We still don't know the long-term implications of the exposure." The unfinished business of Flint's water crisis. / ProPublica

Hank Aaron has died at age 86. A look back at the staggering numbers he put up during his baseball career. / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Ringer

"He finished the 1973 season with 713 home runs—one shy of tying Ruth's record—and...received death threats from 1972 to 1974—all for doing what America asked of him." On Hank Aaron's grace and uncommon decency. / ESPN

Dessa records a Hamilton-style musical number about Janet Yellen, who on Monday likely will become the first woman secretary of the treasury. / Marketplace

Rostam improvises a piano accompaniment to Amanda Gorman's inauguration reading of "The Hill We Climb." / YouTube

“Whatever else living in unprecedented times does to us, it leaves traces behind in our bodies, even if we never fell ill.” A year in the life of bruxism. / The Paris Review

How Paul Celan, a Jewish Romanian, remade the German language on his way to becoming his country’s greatest 20th-century poet. / Poetry Foundation

Iconic NYC artist Colette raised enough money to preserve Living Environment, her 50-year-old apartment installation. / Observer

New York Dolls guitarist Sylvain Sylvain died last week, leaving David Johansen as the only surviving member of the seminal punk band. / Rolling Stone

"But, I am hoping to make music for a little while longer." Ryuichi Sakamoto says he's been diagnosed with cancer again. / Pitchfork

Paying tribute to the Black women whose voices propelled Phil Spector's career. / NPR

Larry King has died at age 87. He was hospitalized with Covid in December. / CNN

"To practice his groundstrokes, Cuevas has turned a spare bed into a vertical backboard." How quarantined Australian Open players are keeping themselves occupied. / The New York Times

Random numbers generated by lava lamps in San Francisco, a pendulum in London, and a Geiger counter in Singapore keep the internet secure. / OpenCulture

A generator for "local legends and obscure curiosities from the days of yore." / Loremen Simulator

"History keeps happening, though we might prefer it not to." The search for nothingness. / The New York Times