Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: The eye of the influencer.

Inflation increased 8.6% last month, the highest since 1981, and shelter costs reached their fastest 12-month gain since 1991. / CNBC

Related: Average gas prices in the US have also now reached $5 for the first time. / NPR

See also: "OPEC is a price-fixing conspiracy by 13 oil-producing countries." / The New Republic

From price hikes to shrinkflation, Redditors document the effects of inflation they're witnessing. / Digg

Many states' abortion bans that would take effect should Roe fall do not include exceptions for rape or incest. / The New York Times

Russia's former McDonald's locations are forming a new, as-yet-unnamed chain—and here's its new logo. / VICE News

Under-the-radar campaigns in Angelenos' mailboxes and Nextdoors target rich people who don't want to look at homeless encampments. / Motherboard

Max Read: "Twitter isn't a deliberative space, where citizens gather to debate politics and lead society—it's a speculative market." / Bookforum

A new report on the creative independence of European museums finds some regions are especially prone to political meddling. / Hyperallergic

To gain notoriety, artists feel pressure to become influencers—which in turn makes it harder to find any time to make art. / Real Life

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A UK review recommends raising the legal age to purchase tobacco products by one year each year until no one can buy them any more. / Reuters

"I developed bronchitis and was given prednisolone, which makes reading perfect." A conversation between Patricia Lockwood and Sally Rooney. / The Guardian

Singer Julee Cruise, who collaborated with David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti, has died at 65. / Rolling Stone

"In a 1994 qualifying match for the Caribbean Cup, both Barbados and Grenada attempted to score deliberate own goals—because it was the best strategy available." / The Generalist Academy

Medical experts question study findings that link eating fish to increased melanoma risk—some think it may be due to contaminants in the fish. / The New York Times

A researcher demonstrates how criminals can exploit a Tesla NFC card and make their own personal key for the car. / Ars Technica

To make a Four Tet video, Trevor Jackson wrestled with vintage digital equipment and experienced "sleepless nights with my head full of ASCII." / It's Nice That

A thread of LBJ's truly demented doodles. / The Morning News