Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: The flowers of romance.

As if asking foreign agents to hack his political opponent—which in fact happened that very same day—wasn't bad enough, a royal etiquette expert (and former royal butler) confirms the internet's fears that yes, Trump broke protocol by standing in front of the Queen.

One significant learning from the Russia hacking indictments: The leaks seem to have been timed to sow discord at the DNC.

Four minutes later, the eight men’s cases had been concluded. They were gone from the room, ordered deported, and Lux-Tom and five others had taken their place before Judge Bowman. Inside Operation Streamline, where those who illegally enter the US are processed and judged in mere hours.

Anticipating tourism, a museum is being planned at the Thai cave complex where the soccer team was trapped.

Trompe l'oeil plants and flowers on buildings in Estepona, Spain, photographed by Pedro Silmon.

Alarmed by Texas politics' lack of "evidence-based decisions," STEM professionals in the state run for office.

Count times in prison are an imprecise science, from a convict’s point of view. Sure, they start at the same times each day. But when each one might end is anybody’s guess. It’s basically purgatory. A day in the life of a prisoner in America.

Blockbuster closes its last two stores in Alaska, where spotty internet means physical rentals still turn a profit.

New mineral discoveries lead scientists to posit Earth's mantle may contain more water than its oceans.

A lab asked the public to send in ticks for pathogen testing, anticipating 2,400 or so specimens—and got 16,000.

If you want to curry favor with your future overlords: Researchers are crowdsourcing ways to improve robots' grips.

John Isner played Wimbledon's second-longest match ever on Friday—eight years after playing its longest.

“It’s a shame that he’s going to be parading around the corpse.” Bryan Goldberg, the founder of Bleacher Report and Bustle (and frequent Gawker target), wins the bankruptcy auction for the Gawker archives.

At the heart of the #PrettyPlaneGirl virality and ensuing fallout is the white exploitation of women of color.

From Crocodile Dundee to a Vampire Weekend video, the most filmed alley in NYC is Cortlandt Alley.

A comparison of street orientations—i.e., north-south-east-west layouts—of cities around the world.