Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: The house of plenty.

Health experts say coronavirus testing needs to double or triple before the US can safely reopen.

"It's the paradox of public health: When you do it right, nothing happens." Why America is not overreacting to the coronavirus.

Florida reopens some of its beaches and parks, but requires that people practice social distancing and prohibits gatherings of 50 or more people.

Supermarkets won't ever be the same—in part because online grocery shopping promotes scarcity over abundance. (Read more stories like this in our Editors' Longreads Picks.)

How Amazon has been tweaking its business to keep people from buying too much and overwhelming the company's capabilities.

"The thing that enables the rapid spread of COVID-19 is a fossil-fueled planetary conveyer belt."

One possible way to vaccinate wild animals before pandemics jump to humans: Develop vaccines that spread like viruses.

With boats unable to leave harbor, fish could complete their spawning cycles, repopulating waters devastated by overfishing.

Field-recording artists capture the sounds of cities now "uncommonly, almost unbelievably, still."

Erik Satie's Gymnopédies performed by cats and barnyard animals.

"I often blend facts with fiction and humor." Meet the people who make nature documentaries inside video games.

See also: Video games with virtual landscapes that invite you to take a very long walk.

From Erica Wilson's embroidery in 1971 to Randy Deats's disco dancing in 1979, learn new hobbies with classic public television.

"We dissected a couple of songs and it was great. I could see myself doing that forever." Interviews with music teachers, who are suddenly in great demand.

A used bookstore is quarantining by taking your DMs to get a sense of what you like, recommending books, and mailing them to you.

A thorough guide to the free online events—classes, performances, workouts, and more—you want right now.

See also: Floating Points will be streaming live tomorrow, April 19, at noon Eastern Time.

Originally scheduled for late July, San Diego Comic-Con has canceled for the first time since it began 50 years ago.

On running a restaurant in Wuhan: The lockdown may be over, but diners still haven't returned to their old habits.

When hustle culture met quarantine, the result hasn't always been productivity, but sometimes burnout even worse than before.

Jimmy Webb, longtime manager at East Village mainstay Trash and Vaudeville, has died at 62.

For some New Yorkers who’ve stayed during lockdown, love for the city has never been more tested—or stronger.

Knitted panels depicting Copenhagen's city blocks, by Jake Henzler.

Song of the moment: "Polaroids" by Vanity Productions.

Landscapes that are more sky than land, painted by Kristin Moore.