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Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: The hunger years

Headline of the week? "In the nation's darkest hours, Ukrainians look out for each other." / The Kyiv Independent

A Russian in Ukraine is unable to convince her parents back home that she's being shelled. / BBC News

Related: "It's surreal to be doing FaceTime with your kids during their bathtime while there's bombs going off in the distance." / Marie Claire

From 1933, a trio of travel reports about Stalin's man-made famine in the Soviet Union. "'Hunger' was the word I heard most." / The Guardian

One of the better round-ups we've seen of ways to help Ukraine. / MetaTalk

Worth remembering: Ethiopia's ongoing war has led to thousands of casualties and displaced two million people, and gone mostly ignored. / NPR

The average hourly rate for a babysitter leapt 11% in 2021 to $20.57 an hour (New York is the most expensive city in the US), outpacing the 7% rate of inflation. / Axios

Los Angeles is on the verge of phasing out its oil wells. The fossil-fuel industry is not pleased. / The New Yorker

The Cloud now has a greater carbon footprint than the airline industry. / The MIT Press Reader

Nearly 200 countries agree to create a legally binding UN treaty that will regulate plastic production and pollution. / Dezeen

See also: A website whose access is determined by climate and ecological data at server site in real time. / Feral Web

A moving essay, framed by a lawyer's makeup routine, about compulsive picking. / Guernica

Related/unrelated: "I can't imagine not being in a life group at this point." / The Ringer