Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: The landslide brought me down.

The Senate has passed Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill. / CNBC

Details on the legislation: Lower caps on who receives checks, no minimum wage hike. / Vox

Biden is currently polling around 10 points higher than Trump ever did. / The New York Times

A lack of presidential landslides, stagnating state party lines, and other stats that underscore America's political gridlock. / FiveThirtyEight

Phone data reveals a member of the Proud Boys was in contact with someone associated with the White House in the days ahead of the Capitol attack. / The New York Times

New documents show the Biden administration may soon be facing a child migrant crisis at the US-Mexico border. / Axios

A new CDC study says counties with mask requirements have decreased Covid infection and death rates, but those same rates speed up in states that allow on-site restaurant dining. / CNN

On navigating vaccine FOMO, which unlike typical FOMO has less to do with jealousy and is more about anxiety. / VICE

Americans drove 13% less in 2020, yet vehicle deaths jumped by 8%—states report more speeding, distraction, and impairment. / ABC News

"Legal doesn't necessarily mean safe." Gaps in testing and law leave western PA family living near fracking shot with carcinogens. / Environmental Health News

Perhaps unintentionally, outlines on Zillow maps show where homes existed before they were replaced by highways. / BuzzFeed News

"I just couldn't face the questions, the mixing. The muddiness. But this is what love is." Mary H.K. Choi on family and marriage—and how they aren't the same thing. / GQ

The Clash's 1985 album Cut the Crap, often regarded as overly slick, has been "rebooted" by Gerald Manns, who mixed together studio and bootleg tracks. / The Morning News

At least for now, NFTs may only be toys for the wealthy—but for musicians, they may one day offer a new means of clout. / Pitchfork

Leaves embroidered with patterns, by Hillary Waters Fayle. / Colossal