Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: The law of holes

Vietnam says it has detected a highly transmissible new variant of the coronavirus that’s helping fuel a new wave of infections. / The Washington Post

As Covid dissipates in the US, cold and flu viruses may return with a vengeance. / STAT

Millions of people registered with Dr. B for a chance at getting vaccinated. Now the site won’t disclose how many doses it helped deliver, or what it plans to do with user data. / MIT Technology Review

TMN’s Rosecrans Baldwin says goodbye to volunteering at Dodger Stadium’s mass vaccine site. / Meditations in an Emergency

New York City's massive "Vessel" sculpture is scheduled to reopen—after three people killed themselves there—with measures to reduce risk, though not higher barriers. / The New York Times

President Biden’s planned makeover of the nuclear arsenal looks to the future, but is likely to meet criticism in Congress. / Foreign Policy

Larry Summers has become an unlikely avatar of “the loyal opposition to the Biden White House.” / Politico

Dan Johnson: The phrase “set it and forget it,” originally from a '90s infomercial, could be a study in (or mantra for) American ignorance. / The San Francisco Chronicle

See also: The law of holes is an adage that says "if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." / Wikipedia

Afghanistan’s Gen Z rappers come of age as US troops exit. / VICE

In the Bronx, a group of elite Ethiopian runners struggle to outlast the pandemic—and their country’s ethnic-cleansing campaign. / GQ

Half of Europeans want to replace their parliamentarians with software. / CNBC

Half of young men in the UK now believe that feminism has “gone too far and makes it harder for men to succeed.” / VICE

See also: Excerpts from 1909's The Woman and the Car, for those who wanted to take to the roads, “but did not quite know how." / Public Domain Review

Influencers and marketing firms keep teaming up on Instagram to give away cars and cash, but does anyone win? (Kinda.) Do they have to pay taxes on it? (Definitely.) / Vox

Noah Smith: Replying to high-status people on Twitter can become a status-conferring experience. / Noahpinion

A visually impaired person demonstrates how she uses her iPhone. Also, here’s an escalator made of cardboard. / Twitter, YouTube

A fossil in Germany shows a shark eating a squid eating a lobster—the earliest turducken? / Gizmodo