Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: The myth of the “crack baby” and Instant Pot wine.

The federal government shutdown continues, which President Trump has taken to calling it a “a strike.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is floating a 70 percent top tax rate. Some studies indicate she’s aiming too low.

The men who run college football's biggest bowl games make millions of bucks organizing a single game a year.

The Stansted 15 protesters, who chained themselves to a flight deporting refugees, face life imprisonment on terror charges.

“People, not nature, are responsible for turning the natural diversity of human beings into oppressive hierarchies.” Your weekend read: A profile of philosopher Elizabeth Anderson.

The New York Times apologizes for its part in fostering a moral panic around the myth of the “crack baby.”

In 1984, the Toronto Star asked Isaac Asimov to predict the world in 2019. His answers didn't all miss the mark.

Patients in Philadelphia adore a man known as the “Groin Crusher,” who’s held approximately 10,000 groins for about 20 minutes.

Pictures of women's daily lives from 20 years of Hannah Starkey's photography.

Scientists find that spiders can sense the Earth’s electric field, launch themselves into the air, and travel hundreds of miles.

The digital revolution has gotten out of hand, but understanding analog computing—continuous rather than discrete—can help us regain control.

The wine industry is unlikely to be disrupted by table wine made in an Instant Pot.

New trends in corporate decor: designer bathrooms that appeal to the Instagram set.

In case you missed it: Radiolab's Director of Research gives his best tips for finding obscure stories.