Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: The only winning move is not to play.

Crowdsourced maps are proving vital to aiding recovery teams in natural disasters, as conditions are ever-changing.

Scientists develop a method to trap carbon dioxide emissions in basalt rock—before they can escape into the atmosphere.

As participation in high school football continues to decline, many schools are closing their programs.

"Russians posing as Black Lives Matter activists used Tumblr to promote a Pokémon Go competition in July 2016."

How North Korea stole classified military plans from the US and South Korea: "A contractor...at the data center left a cable in place that connected the military intranet to the internet."

At 93 trillion tries per second, the Sun will die out before your long, complex password would be cracked.

Since at least the ancient Egyptians, humans have been using passwords. Here’s an illustrated history of secret words.

Saxophonist Kamasi Washington's Harmony of Difference [Spotify] is one of the best releases of 2017. In this interview, he discusses the music that shaped his music.

From our galleries: Maps as art and art as maps.

To learn how wolves became dogs, researchers compare pups to find wolves socialize earlier, though dogs develop sensory awareness sooner.

Also: Your dog looks at you that way while they're pooping because they need your reassurance that they're safe.

Watch for the hero protester at 3:51: Footage from the night of Feb. 20, 1939, when 20,000 Nazi sympathizers attended the German American Bund’s “Americanization” rally at Madison Square Garden.