Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: The rise of the uncurious.

Trump reportedly told Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan he'd pardon him if he disregarded US law and blocked asylum seekers.

Trump confirms the report that the White House wanted to send detained immigrants to sanctuary cities, and claims he's still considering the move.

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In an attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar over her references to Sept. 11, yesterday Trump tweeted "we will never forget" alongside footage of the twin towers, prompting many to express concern for Omar's safety.

Online trolls are harassing Katie Bouman, the computer scientist whose algorithm made the first-ever image of a black hole possible, creating fake accounts in her name and spreading disinformation about her work.

Reviewing 130 articles from mainstream sources finds women running for president are consistently described more negatively than men.

Your weekly white paper: "Support for democracy increases with age but declines with expected proximity to death."

The Pinkertons, evolved from Andrew Carnegie’s personal militia, are betting heavily on climate chaos affecting their clients.

The “Pedestrian Aggressiveness Syndrome Scale” measures sidewalk rage. Want to increase your patience? Try gratitude.

When do therapists break up with their patients? When the patients aren't curious about themselves.

See also: For psychotherapists, maintaining a stable, flawless public image is critical. But when a marriage and family counselor goes through a midlife crisis, all bets are off.

"Wouldn’t it be freeing to admit that most people are not beautiful? What if we stopped prioritizing pleasing aesthetics above so much else?" Everyone is beautiful, people are told. But why do they have to be?

Behind the country-trap success of “Old Town Road” is the Yeehaw Agenda, paying attention to black cowboy style.

Amazon employees listen to Alexa owners. If they hear something distressing, they're told it's not Amazon's job to interfere.

"We’re all very nervous about Patreon messing something up." An oral history of webcomics.

An extinct species of human has been found in the Philippines, dating to between 67,000 years and 50,000 years ago.

"When Harris goes traveling, he writes about travel. When he goes to an art gallery, he writes about paintings. When he becomes a parent, he writes about his children. The impulse toward this kind of poetry is perfectly natural. Who, after all, do we find more interesting than ourselves?" Narcissism is an infinitely renewable resource. Too bad it’s the source of most contemporary poetry.

Listen: From Oct. 20, 1962, Sylvia Plath reads poetry, including "The Applicant," "Daddy," "Ariel," and "Lady Lazarus."

"Writing about food is hard; writing about perfume must be even harder; but writing about music is difficult enough." To write eloquently about music requires “a combination of travel guide and plot summary.”

Photos of sneakers alongside the birds they resemble.