Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: The tongues of the air.

In the wake of New Zealand’s mass shooting, Trump finds ways to downplay the threat of white nationalism.

Students around the world skipped school on Friday to demonstrate for climate action.

Here’s the story of a formerly homeless student who learned this week he’d been accepted to 17 colleges based on merit.

A study finds that women who carry an uncommon genetic variant may produce an enzyme that breaks down hormones in birth control.

Why 'birth tourists' come to the US from China: obstetricians say it’s more for "painless labor" than citizenship.

When teenagers are encouraged to retouch photos of themselves, they make themselves look like aliens.

Watch: Patti Smith's advice to young people.

A video shows racks of phones generating fake engagement inside a “click farm.”

YouTube is rolling out “information panels” when people search for topics that are “prone to misinformation.”

One Silicon Valley guru's next start-up: A church to escape the simulation. (21st-century cults are going to get really weird.)

Testing a language AI finds that it might be good at detecting its own output, but not the output of others.

Here’s an ad for a $380,000 vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft called the “Speeder,” aka, the world’s first flying motorcycle.

Classical music used to be the soundtrack of popular entertainment, but now it's "the trademark of villains."

In defense of “Instapoetry.” We know Samuel Johnson would have supported it.

Your Sunday longread: A very good, thorough profile of Bill Hader by Tad Friend.

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A poem for your weekend: “Pigeons,” by Huang Fan.