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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: The ugly truth.

Ukraine says Russian troops are retreating from Kharkiv. / The Guardian

With more than three million refugees to inform, a Polish news agency is now reporting and publishing in Ukrainian. / Nieman Journalism Lab

"This ... reaffirms the stories we all grew up with." In an investigation into US Indian boarding schools, the remains of more than 500 children were discovered at burial sites. / BuzzFeed News

Harvard may have admitted its slavery past, but has so far been willing to atone only up to a point. / Hyperallergic

Overturning Roe doesn't only affect access to abortion. It also makes it harder to receive miscarriage treatment, which uses the same procedures. / Bloomberg

Alito may say the right to abortion isn't embedded in American history, even Benjamin Franklin included a guide to at-home abortions in a 1748 textbook. / Slate

Following the Supreme Court's draft opinion, some activists are looking at crypto and DAOs to provide funds for women in states where abortion services become restricted or banned. / The New York Times

The Texas Supreme Court will allow investigations of families that provide gender-affirming care to restart, but bars the governor and attorney general from ordering investigations. / The Texas Tribune

See also: Tech industry trade groups appeal Texas's new social media law, arguing it forces businesses to "publish and promote objectionable content." / The Verge

An analysis of input forms on the top 100,000 websites shows a surprising number log your information before you hit submit. / Ars Technica

What it's like to find out you are the spitting image of a 1940s bullfighter—and that part of his fame was that people thought he was so ugly. / The New York Times

Parasites are a vital part of our ecosystem—and like many species they're succumbing to climate change. Some conservationists are trying to save them. / Scientific American

"When an interested buyer decides to buy a copy of the artwork, they send a payment through the platform along with their own public key." Creating blockchainless digital scarcity. / Molly White

See also: What can NFTs do for dead artists? / The New Yorker

Astronomers release the first image of the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. / BuzzFeed News