Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: The unbearable Loch Ness of being

A year after the invasion, Ukraine is in full de-Russification mode, erasing remnants of Russia, as well as the Russian language, from public life. / The Washington Post

Palantir says it's seeing "unprecedented" demand for its AI platform for militaries. / Fortune

"Face to face with a poor person expressing distress, ex-Marine Daniel Penny put Jordan Neely in a headlock." I'm fucking agitated, are you going to murder me? / n+1

An investigation into the "We Buy Ugly Houses" company uncovers a disturbing set of tactics for targeting the sick, the elderly, and the desperate. / ProPublica

"As I watched the YIMBY vs. NIMBY wars come to my own city...I began to see how easy it is for many to hide the truth about their arguments from themselves." / Slate

Thirty years in, a professional Nessie hunter awaits his second sighting. / BBC News

States are investing to preserve Route 66, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2026. / Boing Boing

"I told it my story, and it made a whole album concept for me—down to the tracklisting—and I'm using it." How musicians are using AI, for better or worse. / Pitchfork

See also: In January, Google showed off its text-to-music generative AI with "no immediate plans" to release it—anyway, now it's here. / TechCrunch

In 1961, John Kelly and Carol Lockbaum taught a computer to sing. Hear the results. / The Honest Broker, YouTube

Computer art from the 1950s and '60s. / Amy Goodchild

In a new book, Jonathan Eig reveals how he discovered Alex Haley fabricated MLK's well-known, harsh criticism of Malcolm X. / The Daily Beast

How to survive a car crash in 10 easy steps. / Longreads