Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: The value of my work

Republican senators face a historic choice after both sides in the impeachment trial of former President Trump rest their case. / The Hill

A desire to "overwhelm the problem" has become the mantra for President Biden's Covid team. / The Associated Press

Fwiw: Inadequate healthcare killed 461,000 Americans in 2018. / Quartz

Americans, the saying goes, talk like conservatives but want to be governed like liberals. In California, the reverse is true. / The New York Times

Web developers, frustrated with vaccine registration systems, are taking matters into their own hands. / Normcore Tech

A vaccine comic about Onesimus, an enslaved African man who saved hundreds in Boston from smallpox. / Vox

From 1936 to 1938, interviewers gathered accounts from 2,300 formerly enslaved people. They've been largely hidden ever since. / The Atlantic

A new database plans to document every slave house in the US. / Open Culture

More stories about danger in the snowpack. / The Morning News

Some interesting, tragic interviews with young people trying to save their parents from QAnon. / HuffPost

Related: The QAnonCasualties support group on Reddit. / Reddit

Humans' preference for meaning over facts makes us especially susceptible "in a world constantly flooded with information." / The New York Review of Books

Learning not to fall for urban legends was a rite of passage for early internet users. The world has changed since then. / GEN

The super-rich portray themselves as deserving of their wealth by appearing to strive hard—"a belief in entitlement through work." / ArtReview

NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, a central character in Hidden Figures, is honored with a new spacecraft named after her. / My Modern Met

Paul Ford praises the geography of offices. "The office doesn't so much give meaning to my work as it is the meaning of my work." / WIRED

"Cutouts" of buildings around Japan by photographer Ken Ohyama. / Spoon & Tamago

Sarah Caldwell: My stress-related hair loss stresses me out, "making me the perfect mark for like 80 percent of podcast ads now." / The Cut