Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: The Vermont state flower.

Now 40 miles off the coast of Lafayette, La., Hurricane Barry is currently a Category 1, and is expected to make landfall sometime today.

A Palantir user manual shows how the secretive company, which manages information for ICE and other government agencies, uses data to identify and track individuals.

A document dump on previous ICE operations could offer insights on what to expect in the latest round of planned raids.

Multiple battleground states' voting systems are still running Windows 7, which officially reaches end of life on Jan. 14, after which point it becomes more vulnerable to hacking.

Related: Nationwide, "33% of counties...use either machines with no paper trail or machines that print paper ballots."

There appear to be a number of cannabis plants growing in the flower beds on the Vermont State Capitol's front lawn.

Here’s what goes in the air: sulfur dioxide, nitrates, sulfates, phenols, industrial dust, heavy metals. Sometimes you can’t see the neighboring houses in Norilsk because of the air pollution. Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova on Russia’s “rivers of blood, black snow, toxic waste, and acid rain.”

Using satellite data, NASA mapped the surface displacement from the earthquakes that hit Southern California last week.

Moons that escape their planets and orbit their stars are "ploonets." Today's telescopes may be able to locate such objects.

Don't miss this: National Geographic's Atlas of Moons.

Adolescents are taking to TikTok to complain about how Life360, a location-sharing app for families, is ruining their summers.

Found in an air duct at a former Illinois high school, a cache of stolen wallets gives a glimpse of teen life in the 1940s.

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Whether a tennis player can serve at 150 mph has a lot to do with height, but many at the tour level say speed isn't so important.

One in eight men surveyed in Britain think they could win a point off Serena Williams.

See also: A pro author challenges a pro tennis player to a tournament. A story of dueling, drumming, and one extraordinary victory.

"If your cat’s too big, put a saddle on it and call it a horse." The Masters of the Universe toys from the 1980s are a lesson in pivoting.

The video for “Paramour,” the new track from composer Anna Meredith—whose rework of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons was one of Andrew Womack’s favorite albums of 2018—is a twisty, Lego train trip around a rehearsal space with musicians stationed along the track.

Photos of Philadelphia-area row houses where each half barely resembles the other, by Ira Wagner.

In some respects, this generation of transgender singers is adding a new wrinkle to a very old tradition: Opera has been gender fluid since its beginnings. Meet the new generation of transgender opera singers.

Newly discovered footage of the Velvet Underground playing “I’m Waiting for the Man,” “Beginning to See the Light,” and “I’m Set Free” at an Oct. 15, 1969, Vietnam War protest in Dallas.