The World Health Organization reports a record increase in global coronavirus cases, with the total rising by 292,527. / The Guardian

Russia plans a mass vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in October, the health minister says.

Dr. Fauci says the United States’ lack of a unified federal plan helps to explain why our outbreak of COVID-19 has been so severe. / Politico

A Georgia summer camp reopened and took precautions, but didn’t require masks. Hundreds of campers got the coronavirus. / The New York Times

San Francisco's been doing everything right to fight COVID-19. Unfortunately, it's part of the United States. / Vox

Major League Baseball threatens to end play if teams don't find a way to contain infections. / ESPN

Worried college football players are told privately, as the SEC forges ahead, that positive cases on their teams are “a given.” / The Washington Post

"At times I am very proud to be an American. At times, I'm ashamed." A pandemic interview with The Wire's David Simon. / Boing Boing

Unrelated/related: Pictures of Comic-Con attendees in costume with nowhere to go. / The Los Angeles Times

The White House condemns Hong Kong for delaying elections, denouncing the step a day after the head of the Republican party suggested the exact same thing. / The Washington Post

A conversation with novelist Tim Maughan, whose predictions about the future keep (unfortunately) coming true. / OneZero

In global realpolitik, women do the work on the ground to make change, but "are cut out of negotiations for peace." / Le Monde diplomatique

A profile of Kittie Knox, the first Black person to be inducted into the League of American Wheelman. / Medium

“Since being diagnosed with epilepsy, I like to say that I am now training for life versus training for a specific race.” / Triathlon Magazine Canada

James Nestor explains how sitting cross-legged and breathing for an hour triggered a life-changing reaction. / The Guardian

Currently trending in design: getting lost in your very own labyrinth. / Bloomberg CityLab

Nazis plundering Jewish-owned artwork during WWII is well known. Less attention has been paid to the looting of instruments. / NPR

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