Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: The world’s shortest rollercoaster.

Why the FBI is so far behind on cybercrime—the bureau's culture prizes agents who can do "any job, anywhere," which pushes out specialists. / The New York Times

"The emergency gyno shook her head... 'Whoever did this to you ought to be shot in the street.'" Who will remove my IUD? / Gawker

Turning $15,000 into $1.2 million into negative $51,000 in a span of two years is cathartic, to say the least. / The Guardian

Sam Bankman-Fried, the crypto exchange founder who lost $16 billion this week: "I don't want to say no book is ever worth reading, but I actually do believe something pretty close to that." / Literary Hub

The bad news is your Thanksgiving table will be noticeably more expensive this year; the good news is this claymation by Annie Wong. / The Washington Post

See also: The latest in how climate change is altering our lives—including by shifting the spring food chain. / BBC News

From badly drawn fish to surreal potatoes, a history of America's greatest license plate fails. / Smithsonian Magazine

See also: Studying drivers across the country for signs of license-plate prejudice—or, why everyone loves Vermont drivers and hates Texans. / The Morning News

New evidence suggests Egyptian mummification wasn't performed to preserve the body, but to present it in a form the gods would accept. / The Guardian

According to a new study, deep bass—so deep you can't even hear it—increases dancing at live events. / Current Biology

See also: The Metaverse Music Festival is happening right now, and apparently Björk will be headlining. / Metaverse Music Festival

No matter what happens to Twitter, we can still have the tweets. / The Tweet Museum

The magazine covers that were on newsstands 50 years ago this month. / Pop Culture Safari

Hazy paintings of fading memories, by Lucy O'Doherty. / Booooooom

Related/unrelated: A 10-minute video from a Starbucks in 1993. / Boing Boing