Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: The year we ironed our brains.

Trump's demand for a recount in Wisconsin's two largest counties has so far resulted in a net gain of 132 votes for Biden. / The Guardian

What was behind Michigan’s fake voter fraud scandal? Endangered Republicans vying to prove their loyalty to Trump. / POLITICO

Following a federal appeals court loss in their effort to overturn Pennsylvania votes, Trump's lawyers say they will appeal to the Supreme Court. / Associated Press

In 2009, Democrats introduced bills for electoral reforms such as same-day registration. Their own leadership ignored them. / Sludge

Facebook insiders list the ways the company could fight disinformation, but won't—because such moves would negatively affect right-wingers. / The New York Times

See also: "What goes on in most average Americans’ news feeds is nearly impossible for outsiders to observe." / The New York Times

Honestie Hodges, whose handcuffing by Michigan police when she was 11 sparked a public outcry, has died at 14 from COVID-19. / BuzzFeed News

The Texas warehouse where migrant families and children were kept in cages is undergoing renovations, and will reopen in 2022. / The Texas Tribune

Rebecca Solnit: "Who the hell wants unity with Nazis until and unless they stop being Nazis?" / Literary Hub

Trump will require tourists from poor countries with visa "overstay" rates above 10% to post bonds up to $15,000 to visit the US. / Reuters

The Supreme Court may hear a case on same-sex couples' parenting rights—strange, since the Court has already ruled twice on this. / Slate

Hacking groups have been targeting hospitals in the US, likely in retaliation for Pentagon takedowns of hacking networks ahead of the election. / The New York Times

On a two-hour walk in downtown Beijing, artist Deng Yufeng demonstrated how difficult it is to dodge CCTV cameras in the capital. / BBC

The New York Times asked an AI to write a “Modern Love” column. / The New York Times

"Only in a year like 2020 would it be completely legitimate to ask a friend to iron your brain." On "head empty" memes. / WIRED

A virtual streamer was banned from Twitch in a dispute over who owns her likeness. / The Verge

White males dominate crossword puzzle answers—except at USA Today, where editor Erik Agard focuses on underrepresented groups. / The Pudding

In negotiations with newsroom unions, management sees diversity and inclusion as bargaining chips. / Columbia Journalism Review

Former Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has died at 46 from injuries suffered at a house fire. / The Verge

In India, police have charged two Netflix executives over an interfaith temple kiss in A Suitable Boy. / Al Jazeera

"He was a complete mess; he was the best soccer player in the world." Diego Maradona was a deeply human superstar. / GQ

Face masks have caused some to realize they have hearing loss, and have been relying on lip reading and facial expressions. / Associated Press

"It turns out that 'ybet' is an archaic past participle of 'beat.'" What it's like to compete against world-class Scrabble players. / The Spectator

The Vatican is investigating who liked a butt pic from the Pope's official Instagram account. / The Cut

Watch: A beautiful, papercut-art ode to classic video games. / The Morning News

Photos of America's national parks before they were national parks. / Atlas Obscura