Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: There can only be one.

A group of conspiracy theorists have convinced Arizona officials to delay certifying last week's election results, claiming voting machines weren't certified. / Associated Press

As the threat of the Supreme Court overturning Obergefell looms, here's what in Congress's new bill to protect same-sex marriage. / BuzzFeed News

"They no longer automatically assume you're covered just because a single home somewhere in your census tract got internet." The FCC finally releases its broadband maps. / The Verge

How an Alaskan beach near the Arctic Circle wound up with an unusual mineral profile resulting in sand that, when magnified, resembles precious stones. / Atlas Obscura

"An American woman was apprehended in Guatemala City on Sunday, Nov. 13 for attempting to traffic 166 pre-Hispanic relics out of the country." / Hyperallergic

Attention Rooster fans: The long list for the 2023 Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes, is now available. / Field Notes, The Morning News

Collected tweets from stock photo models on the times their images have been used in regrettable ways. / Digg

"It's a sign that life is resuming in full force." New York City subway buskers report an uptick in tipping. / The New York Times

Accusing Guess of stealing his art, Banksy encourages people to shoplift at their store. / Complex

Multiple singers lay claim to the mantle the "Queen of Christmas," denying Mariah Carey her sought-after trademark. / BBC News

Some public libraries in the US have launched their own music-streaming platforms to highlight local artists. / Motherboard

See also: "I had a radio cassette player and I was pretty handy with the pause button." Music writers on the formats they love. / The Guardian

A tiny city of handmade, paper buildings and working contraptions, by artist Charles Young. / Colossal

"About this time someone will call you in tears. The holiday is now officially underway." Leslie Harpold's two-day guide to cooking Thanksgiving dinner. / The Morning News

See also: How to infuse cannabis into your Thanksgiving meal. / The New York Times

An AI text-to-Pokémon generator. / Replicate