Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: They care about nothing.

The death toll from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas is currently at 43, and expected to rise drastically.

Many buildings are underwater and hundreds of residents are stranded on an island in North Carolina's Outer Banks, after Dorian moved up the coast.

"A hurricane doesn't care what political party you're affiliated with." Meteorologists are angered after the NOAA issued a statement supporting Trump's claim that Dorian could have affected Alabama.

Citing “public safety” and “state security," Bangladesh is cutting off cell-phone service for up to a million Rohingya refugees.

Researchers find a strong correlation between nihilist beliefs and a desire to share hostile rumors online.

Rather than a political stance, Walmart's gun decision was likely telling customers and employees that it's safe to go to Walmart.

According to a whistleblower exec, Walmart avoided $2.6 billion in taxes by hiding it between US and Chinese jurisdiction.

SoulCycle attendance has been on a slide ever since one of its major investors hosted a Trump reelection fundraiser.

Posing as Tiffany Trump, two students came close to acquiring her father’s tax returns through a financial aid database.

In areas where abortion rights are threatened, searching Google Maps for abortion clinics often turns up anti-abortion centers.

An at-home "metoo"-branded rape kit that includes a roll of "evidence" tape might not be admissible in court.

New documents show the MIT Media Lab concealed funding from Jeffrey Epstein, even after becoming aware of his status as a convicted sex offender.

What they do here is a model for any place with few resources but just enough volunteers to survey new neighborhoods on the urban periphery. But on a grander scale, if he ever persuades someone to build a new city, maybe the people to call are at Burning Man. An economics Nobel laureate sees hints of a possible urban-planning future at Burning Man.

Photos: Meant to rival LA, California City never did. Sixty years after it began, and still lined with unpaved streets, it's the state's third largest city geographically.

Six maps show the growth in diversity across the US between 2010 and 2018.

After iTunes but before Spotify—roughly 2003 to 2012—are the "deleted years," where all the music you acquired is now stuck on a dead iPod, somewhere.

Last week, a Seattle record store found an uncashed royalty check for Kurt Cobain from 1991 in the amount of $26.57.

A donation from author Dan Brown funds the digitization of the world's biggest library of occult books.

Practically unchanged since the end of the 19th century, the paper clip is immune to innovation.

Scientists say large amounts of eel DNA in Loch Ness point to the possibility that, if it exists, the Loch Ness Monster may be a giant eel.