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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: “This is our grand reopening.”

Last night and this morning, protests—some turning violent—have continued across the US in response to the murder of George Floyd.

Derek Chauvin, the fired Minneapolis officer who killed Floyd, has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

For a higher murder charge, prosecutors would need to prove Chauvin planned and carried out the murder or intended to kill at that moment.

"The Pentagon took the rare step of ordering the Army to put several active-duty US military police units on the ready to deploy to Minneapolis."

"Something like this was going to happen." The inevitable long, hot summer.

Bus drivers are refusing to transport arrested protestors to jail, both in Minneapolis and New York City.

"And so, this is our grand reopening, same as it ever was." America returns to its violent normal.

The Supreme Court rejects a California church's request to block limitations on the number of people who can attend services during the pandemic.

Trump announced the US is withdrawing from the World Health Organization. Whether or not he has the authority to do so, it means America's funding of the WHO will be suspended during a pandemic.

"It's kind of a piece of political theater." Trump's executive order targeting social media is legally unenforceable.

The short explanation for why men are posting photos of themselves pointing guns at their crotches is that they want to troll you.

With the number of dead from COVID-19 continuing to mount, many are grieving right now on social media. Here’s what you should say.

Early on, US officials muddled their recommendations about wearing face masks in public, but word about their effectiveness appears to be taking hold, and masks are now mandatory in 15 states.

The pandemic has meant fewer would-be patients seeking healthcare or surgeries, resulting in a large-scale experiment in what happens with less medical intervention.

At a hotel repurposed for those sick or recovering from COVID-19 who want to self-isolate, you get no key and can't leave.

See also: If you have some time to pass, contribute to a collaborative digital novel that's being created in real time.

Democracy is dying in Hong Kong, and no one seems to be able to stop it.

To disinfect police cruisers from potential COVID-19, Ford develops software to heat interiors to 133 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes.

As of now, bidding for the reactor control/monitoring system from a former nuclear plant is at 3,250 GBP.

The square patterns of plastered bullet holes from the Warsaw Uprising, photographed by Valentyn Odnoviun.

Mount Everest's height is disputed, "specifically whether or not the official number should account for the snow atop it."

"Whether the data is or isn’t normalized to population size will produce really different outcomes." How maps manipulate reality.

The topography of each state rendered as Unknown Pleasures-style joyplots.

Watch and listen: Welcome to 1988 in the Hood Internet's ongoing series of year-in-one-song audiovisual mashups.

Beautifully detailed watercolor floor plans of cinematic houses from movies and television, by Boryana Ilieva.