Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Thy oyster knife.

The latest action heroes in Gotham: female building inspectors equipped with rappelling equipment.

"TelAbortion" enables women to have the procedure at home, but with medical oversight.

Neoclassicism meets anime in Cristina BanBan's paintings of the female figure.

Many of the biggest stars in US women's soccer sue US Soccer for gender discrimination.

“I don’t think people should know what I’m thinking,” she tells me eventually. “I’m hiding you from my thoughts.” Naomi Osaka is “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside a blistering forehand.”

A poem for your weekend: Eve L. Ewing on "what I mean when I say I'm sharpening my oyster knife."

A tribute to Oscar Levant: much more than just Hollywood’s piano-playing sidekick.

A new travel experience: tours of cities that specialize in finding suitably Instagrammable backdrops.

Rather than wish for a “good death,” we may want to start thinking about a “fitting death.”

An investigation into paramilitary forces hired by the World Wide Fund for Nature to fight poaching finds people tortured and killed.

Meet the dog who made the world's first canine ascent of a 7,000-meter Himalayan peak.

About 45 million pounds of plastics make their way to New Orleans every year for Mardi Gras.

"Counter to the usual thinking," teams with many collaborators are less likely to publish disruptive new science.

The latest trend on YouTube: being transparent about payola.

Paul Manafort’s lenient sentence demonstrates the gross inequities in our criminal justice system.

Franklin Foer lists the ways that Manafort has not lived “an otherwise blameless life.”

A new study finds there are more mass shootings in states with weaker gun laws.

A moderated conversation between a Proud Boys leader and an antifa activist doesn’t go very well.