Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: To thine own self be true.

Trump blocks declassification of Democrats' rebuttal to the Republican memo, asks the Justice Dept. to work with lawmakers to revise their statement.

Dozens of White House staff still don't have permanent security clearances—if accelerated, it takes up to six weeks.

Desalination could avert Cape Town's water crisis—though only for those with tap water, leaving out many residents.

Miami-Dade County is deploying non-biting mosquitoes infected with a bacteria that will kill their offspring.

Fujitsu will pilot AI gymnastics judging at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games.

Related: An analysis of Olympic figure-skating judges' scores shows a bias for competitors from their own countries—strong enough to determine who medals or not.

Scientists find similarities in RNA activity among the brains of those with psychiatric disorders.

Research flouts Jeff Sessions's feeling that marijuana caused the opioid epidemic—in fact, pot may help mitigate it.

Using plagiarism software, scholars identify an obscure 1576 document as the likely origin of many Shakespeare passages.

To illustrate the gender wage gap, the latest cover of Maclean's magazine shows one price for men and one for women.

An unfashionable French label called Chipie, for example, discovered that its roomy “Pascalou” jeans were global duds—except at shops scattered throughout England. “The kids have taken to it and done their own thing with it,” one of the store managers explained. Recalling The Face, the magazine that brought attention to culture trends bubbling under the surface.

Nikkitha Bakshani profiles very focused, tiny magazines—e.g., a publication devoted to ridable miniature trains.

L.L. Bean ends its venerable lifetime guarantee over "a small, but growing number of customers" abusing the policy.

Passenger says Spirit Airlines told her to flush her emotional-support hamster down the airplane toilet—and she did.

A statistical analysis of the ad-libs on Migos's Culture II.