Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Trojan course

Russian troops pour into Ukraine and launch missile strikes on major cities. Tracking the attack with maps. / BBC News

Matthew C. Klein explains why Europe is at greater risk of Russian pressure than the other way around. / The Overshoot

From 2012: "Putin is a Soviet person who did not draw lessons from the collapse of Russia. That is to say, he did learn lessons, but very pragmatic ones." / New Left Review

Stephen Wertheim says the Biden administration should welcome Ukranians who want to resettle in the United States. / Carnegie Endowment`

Archivists around the world are attempting to preserve Ukraine's digital history. / VICE

See also: The first ever Ukrainian music video, by Kyivan punk band Vopli Vidopliassova. / Twitter

Marilynne Robinson thinks President Biden has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Meanwhile, Joy Behar would just like to go on vacation. / The Guardian, Twitter

More than half of recent abortions in the US were carried out with abortion pills. / The Guttmacher Institute

California stole a Black pioneer's land in 1949 to create a park. The family would like it back. / National Geographic

Related: The "Black Elevation Map." / The Morning News

Austrian architect Adolf Loos thought "ornaments" were primitive, if not criminal. Modern design is still recovering. / Hyperallergic

Archaeologists in London uncover a Roman mosaic, believed to be part of a dining room, that's thought to date from AD 175-225. / londonse1

"If there was a Trojan horse, this was its entry point." Update from an excavation of Homer's Troy. / Smithsonian Magazine

Some early aerial photography by Walter Mittelholzer (the first pilot to fly over Mount Etna), shot around the Mediterranean. / Flashbak

See also: Eric Ross Bernstein's Parallels chronicles "the travels of an introspective wanderer in search of personal truths in the alternate realities of his parallel selves." / Booooooom

Novelist John Green remembers Paul Farmer best for saving millions of lives. / The Washington Post