Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Two years.

In the past week, the wildfires in California have now engulfed 918,000 acres, prompting requests for out-of-state firefighting assistance. / Los Angeles Times

It's now been more than five months since Breonna Taylor was murdered, and calls for the officers' arrests are intensifying. / The Washington Post

As the global coronavirus death toll passes 800,000, the WHO says it hopes the pandemic will last for less than two years. / NBC News

"A mobile order at Five Guys eaten in the car is definitely a safe way to approach eating while traveling." An epidemiologist accompanies a mother and son on a pandemic road trip. / Elemental

The Instagram influencers who are spreading QAnon conspiracy theories through trend-conscious, fashion-forward posts. / The Atlantic

“Underneath every presentation there was what felt like a simmering disbelief that we could all possibly be so small, so insignificant.” Notes from a flat earth conference. / Will Patrick

USPS delays are resulting in the deaths of live animals shipped through the postal system. / Los Angeles Times

"So what, if anything, is an album truly worth in 2020? Depends on the business model." / The New York Times

Watch: The first four hours of MTV, remastered. / Internet Archive

A comic by Shing Yin Khor on discovering the American peach as an immigrant, and the catharsis of stone-fruit season. / Catapult

"If your parents aren't cool—like mine weren't—have a plan." Partying advice for homebound college students. / VICE

If you could live for a million years, the universe would change far more than you. / Scientific American

Watch: A reenactment of the finale of 2001: A Space Odyssey during home quarantine—side by side with the original. / The Morning News

See also: Scenes from Dr. Strangelove recreated using household objects, by Kristan Horton. / The Morning News

Famous cinematic rooms as 3D isometrics. / Amrit Pal Singh

Songs of the moment: "Butoh Baby" by Oliver Coates and "14" by Water From Your Eyes. / The Morning News

"If you can use a smartphone to record a sound, you can capture all the information you need to create a working duplicate of a key." / Gizmodo

"I have no voice. But I have a lot to say." A nonverbal teen writes songs inspired by Nick Cave. Cave responds: "Tyler’s writing is something else—'The wolf who wins? The one you feed'—is about as smart and as true as something can be." / ABC, The Red Hand Files