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Saturday Headlines: Type machine

"The larger threat to Putin's regime may not have been Prigozhin's mutiny itself but the reaction of the military and the security services to that mutiny." / Foreign Affairs

Russians rely on Telegram for uncensored news about the war in Ukraine—yet without platform oversight, extremism and conspiracies flourish. / The Verge

The US says it's in talks with Russia to free American journalist Evan Gershkovich, but there's still no "clear pathway to a resolution."  / BBC News

A DC attorney ethics committee recommends Giuliani's disbarment for his role in a lawsuit that claimed election fraud without evidence. / The Guardian

Instead of an "arms race," a wiser phrase to describe the AI situation is a "tragedy of the commons"—because we should be thinking in outcomes. / Vox

See also: Traffic to ChatGPT's website fell nearly 10% last month, and app downloads are also on the decline. / The Washington Post

Inside the shady market of fake Glassdoor reviews, where freelancers will burnish a company's reputation—and sometimes burn it down. / Career Fair

See also: How Goodreads review-bombing is killing books before they ever reach shelves. / The New York Times

"I don't know what the mindsets of the fans are right now." Concertgoers hurling threatening objects at performers is becoming a problem. / The Hollywood Reporter

A book that's been overdue for 119 years is returned to a Massachusetts library. / AP

Milwaukee, the birthplace of the typewriter—recently celebrated 150 years of the machine with the inaugural QWERTYFEST. / Atlas Obscura

"We now know that cobalt comes not from deadly kobolds but from stellar death." The off-planet origins of popular art mediums. / Scientific American