Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Uncanny Valley PTA.

We're off on Monday and will see you again on Tuesday.

A House panel led by Jim Jordan is opening an investigation into the classified documents found at Biden's Delaware home and former Washington office. / NBC News

See also: Here's what we know about the documents so far. / NPR

According to a new study, the wealthiest US households emit more than 2,000 times the amount of CO2e than the average low-income households. / @AndrewLFanning

Can gas stoves trigger asthma? Yes, and there are all sorts of other things in your house slowly killing you as well. / BuzzFeed News

See also: From 2020, the gas industry's long history of influencer marketing—spanning Bob Hope, Instagram, and an unfortunate 1988 rap song. / Mother Jones

"I ate at the Italian restaurant where [George] Santos is often, for some reason, spending exactly $199.99." / Slate

The UK has sanctioned Iran over its execution of a former defense official, who Iran alleges provided information to British intelligence. / Associated Press

One surprising reason it's likely not possible to switch Voyager 1's camera back on: The computers we'd need to capture the images on Earth aren't around anymore. / Boing Boing

See also: Large-scale, detailed geologic maps of Mars depict where water may have once flowed on the planet. / USGS

"For a real-time system built around the concept of racing the beam, this was just masochism." How an Atari 2600 could do so much with so little. / Big Mess o' Wires

Expect more of this: Having your work plagiarized by an anonymous publication using AI. / Big Technology

"I don't think we're ready to let AI fight AI." For now anyway, human perception is our best tool to detect AI-generated text. / ZDNet

Hopefully unrelated: A proofreading game where you have to find 10 misspelled words in an article. / 10 Typos

"Club culture is supposedly grounded in self-expression and escapism, but the reality of going out is often poles apart." Stop filming people in clubs without their consent. / VICE

Scene but not herd: The new wave of American shoegaze and rare shoegaze gems from all eras. / Stereogum, Bandcamp Daily

"A fresh pizza spews steam as it cools down. A box traps that moisture, suspending the pie in its own personal sauna." Why the pizza box must die. / The Atlantic