Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Vaccine weaponism.

As Biden calls for the current administration to take urgent action against the coronavirus, Trump says the White House won't go into lockdown. / The Hill

The last few weeks of Trump rallies are linked to more than 130 Secret Service agents becoming infected with COVID-19 or quarantining. / The Washington Post

Trump's vaccine czar has asked the White House to make contact with Biden's transition team. / Ars Technica

Trump says the US government won't deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to New York, pointing to Cuomo's reluctance to trust the federal government's opinion of the vaccine. / CNBC

"It was doable over the summer, but now it’s just too much." Emergency rooms are again filling with COVID-19 patients, and healthcare workers are being crushed. / The Atlantic

The British Heart Foundation estimates nearly 5,000 excess deaths from heart disease since the start of the pandemic. / The Guardian

The final two states have been called in the US presidential election, leaving Biden with 306 electoral votes to Trump's 232. / CBS News

Why Trump allegedly carried out his Pentagon purge: "He wants to put us on an irreversible course to a total withdrawal [in Afghanistan]." / The New Yorker

As part of the return to normalcy, Biden is bringing back the daily briefing. / POLITICO

Trump never signed the executive order for federal buildings to follow a neoclassical style, but the ban on modernism is appearing in government solicitations anyway. / Bloomberg

"Someday, someday sooner rather than later, we will be removed from Donald Trump's subconscious and returned to our own devices." / BuzzFeed News

ProPublica is using plain language to make some articles more accessible for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. / Nieman Journalism Lab

A group of scholars says a portion of the Atlantic Basin should be designated as a memorial to protect African artifacts lost during the slave trade. / Duke University

"When the soundscape has changed, the habitat may have changed, too." How listening to the deep sea could save it. / The New York Times

Kilie Minogue just became the first woman to top the album chart in five consecutive decades. / The Guardian

Spotify's pay-for-play Discovery Mode isn't exactly payola. But it's also not exactly not payola. / Pitchfork

See also: More than 18,000 musicians have signed a letter demanding Spotify pay at least a penny a stream. / VICE

A list of songs—from the Velvet Underground, Donna Summer, Toto, even Andrew Lloyd Webber—that would receive copyright lawsuits today. / Stereogum

"The Beastie Boys had begun to grow into Beastie Men." Josh Gondelman on his love of Paul’s Boutique. / Talkhouse

"We talked the NYFD into bringing a fire truck to the pool and hosing everyone down." An oral history of Brooklyn’s McCarren Park pool parties, circa 2006 to 2008. / We'll Have to Pass

On Bradbury's "The Pedestrian" and the socially dissident act of going for a walk at night. / Literary Hub

German police are tracking down a driver who smashed through a barrier by using drawings from six-year-olds who witnessed the incident. / BBC

How supermarkets and all their abundance affect American health, perspectives, and so much more. / NPR

A foliage map of garden sizes across London. / Reddit

Twitch streams where no one's watching. / nobody live